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So this may be the longest entry I have up here, but there is A LOT of good updates here so bare with me!

With the increasing success of my TV music-writing career, I keep having it recommended to me to change my artist name "Wait for the Moment" to my actual name. It has gotten confusing with all the other work I've done in TV and film to be operating under two different names.

With the new "Young Fighter" single coming out soon (with feat. artist to be announced soon) with Indie Orange as record label, the question came up whether it should be released under "Wait for the Moment" or my actual name. 

I hold the name "Wait for the Moment" dear to my heart ever since coming up with it in 2009. Since then it has held deep meaning for me to remember that there is a time and a season for everything. As an impatient person in general in life, it has been an important reminder for me to keep everything in the proper prospective.

Many have joked with me over the years, "So what is the moment that you are waiting for, then?"  I have always loved the puns off the name and even made several myself to others over the years, but I actually finally have a serious answer to this question....  

Friends, NOW is the moment awaited... the moment that I no longer go by "Wait for the Moment". Now is the right time for my composing career and songwriting career to join forces into one single name, my actual birth name.  Going forward I will no longer go by the name "Wait for the Moment", but "Nate Fenwick". 

My "Visionaries" album release is being updated across all digital platforms to be called "Wait for the Moment: Visionaries" by Nate Fenwick, so you can still find my music there by searching those same terms. My website address will also start being re-directed to my new site under construction and all my social media pages are currently being changed to reflect the rebrand.

This new single, "Young Fighter" will be the first song I've released under my actual name. I am very excited and look forard to sharing it with all of you very soon!

I'll finish my post with a question...

"What moment are YOU waiting for?"

Much Love,

Nate Fenwick


"Young Fighter" has been a long time coming!  Finally was fortunate enough to have my feat. artist on the song come into the studio today to record her singing part!  I can't wait to announce who I've been working on this with, and I hope you all can connect with this song as much as I have!  Stay tuned!


Finally started laying down some tracks for the new single entitled "Young Fighter". Feeling inspired by my wife and watching her transition from being a mom full time to pursuing her acting career. Also, this song is inspired by raising my (now 3) kids and encouraging them to fight through adversity never giving up. I can't wait for this song to be finished!


So being busy with the new position at ScoreKeepers was an understatement! It has been a blast so far, but new material coming soon for Wait for the Moment!  I will be releasing a single under Indie Orange as the record label and the song will feature a collab with someone you may know!  Stay tuned!


Been a while since I've posted anything. The album continues to rack up the streams. Don't Won't Can't has over 30k streams which is incredible to me. I recently got hired by a company out of Los Angeles that I've been freelance writing for for 4+ years now. I'm officially the creative director at ScoreKeepers Music and oversee music supervision at our sister company "Indie Orange". It is going to take me away a little bit more from Wait for the Moment, but I hope to be able to join both worlds by releasing new music through Indie Orange as my new publisher. Grateful for the new opportunity!


HAP......PY New Year!  I can't believe it's a new year and there is so much I want to get accomplished this year. The album is doing very well and so many people are joining my "Visionaries" Journey and getting the album for free and connecting with the music. I am lucky to be doing what I love for a living- writing and sharing music.


My first time performing since 2010 will happen on 12/20 at Grace Records in Gilbert, AZ. I will be performing songs off "Visionaries" in an acoustic setting. Hope to see some local support!

Happy Holidays!


Been an incredible first couple weeks of my "Visionaries" album release. Sold out in the first week! Second shipment on its way!


It's here!  my new album "Visionaries" available exclusively through my new, unique, personalized, interactive album release experience - the "Visionaries" Journey.

Need I say more?

Oh yeah... it's 100% free from start to finish.

Start your journey HERE.


The view count is climbing fast!  



Digital release OCT. 13TH!

HUGE THANKS and credit to the very talented photographer Savannah Skarecky and model Tatum Soto for the new awesome album cover photo!


Lyricssssssss....... SNEAK PEEK!


My new album "Visionaries" is almost complete! All instrumentals are finished being recorded, and all vocals save one song are finished as well. Then on to the final mix and master! Official release date coming soon!


Exciting news about my album release and more if you subscribe to my NEW exclusive fan group HERE.


Have you seen my new lyric video yet?


New WFTM artwork! Coming to a t-shirt near you...


My second single!!!!  😵  "FACE OF FEAR" - Now available on all digital platforms!!!
HERE:  👉


My new single, "Don't. Won't.. Can't... ft. Rose Read" has over 27k listens right now!  Thank you all for the support and love! 


Instrumentals recorded on the new album???  -  DONE.  Now on to vocals...


Enjoyed my first single, "Don't. Won't.. Can't..."?  My second single, "FACE OF FEAR" is COMING SOON!  For now, please enjoy this sneak peek of the album art 👉


My NEWEST song since 2009 - "Don't. Won't.. Can't... ft. Rose Read" - is NOW AVAILABLE on all digital platforms!!!
HERE:  👉


You know her voice from "Rewind" and "Someone Save Me" on my first album. I'm excited to announce that Rose Reed has returned to the studio with me to sing on my upcoming single "Don't. Won't.. Can't..."



Wanna hear what's been brewin' over here in WFTM town? Here's a teaser for my new single:


Over 7 years since the release of my first album, "Doubt to Belief".  I am excited to bring some new music to your ears!  It has been way too long...  STAY TUNED!